October Challenge

November Challenge

This month is a challenge all around with the yummy foods from the holiday BUT we can handle it! Don’t deprive yourself for you are setting yourself up for failure. Eat smaller portions, drink plenty of water and try to cook items in a lower caloric manner. This will prevent binging. I will confess that by adhering to the above advice I did not lose any weight but I did however maintained my weight and was happy with the outcome.

Awareness to incurable diseases requires our contribution with walks, donations and sharing information with others. November is a month that host and share many awareness projects and as a group I am hoping to stand strong by supporting  Alzheimer’s Disease, American Diabetes Month and the National Family Health History Day(November 24). Stay tune for further details.


January-February 2017 Challenge

Bring Your Sexy Back Just In Time For Valentine Day

January 15, 2017 through February 13, 2017 is the start of the new year with the intent to get healthy. A group of ladies have accepted the challegne to eat healthy and lose weight all while journaling their journey. The ladies are all part of my eat2livestrong FaceBook group and have agreed to go to the page share recipes, tips, and support each other. The challegne will have pop-quizzes that are all health related and prizes will be awarded. The woman that loses the most weight, having the healthies eating habit and displaying their creative side will win a prize. There will be a 1st and 2nd place prize for the following catergories 1) the woman that loses the most weight in the healthiest manner (journals required) takes the 1st prizes. 2) The woman that have the most creative journal to include the recipes takes the 2nd prize.

December 2017 Loving Our Seniors

Often times our seniors are in homes without a visit from their family. Eat2livestrong wants to share our time and love with the elderly therefore on December 21,2017 we delivered Holiday baskets to the Atria Senior Living/Retirement home in Tucker, Georgia. I met my goal with the distributions of  toiletries, crossword puzzles, coloring books, stationary, pens, peppermint and slip socks and healthy snacks  to the residents. They were greatful, happy and was welcoming.

January 2018 Crocheted And Delivered Baby Hats for Eastside Medical NICU

Baskets, Beanies, Blankets, and Booties #BBBB

January 2018  We delivered baskets, beanies, blankets and booties to the NICU at Eastside Medical. The Baskets is a form of comfort to the parents that are visiting with their baby often time traveling long distance and for hours daily. Each article of clothing are crocheted by myself and my sister Channon. Other members of the family and team is participating with donations and delivering the goods.I selected this cause because we have adorable family members that were also premature the have and continue to fight to accomplish the task that we achieve daily yet taking  it for granted. We are part of the March A Dime foundation and we pray for a positive outcome to all that are stricken by the illness. As Part of my 50 by 50 journey giving back for a cause is very near and dear to me and my family. My two of my Nieces was born premature and experience many health conditions. My niece Lark as well as my sister April delivered 50 baby hats to the NICU at Eastside medical which is where Lark was born. This picture is of the doctor who delivered and cared for Lark he was so happy to see her and my sister.

January 2018 Part II Little Red Hats The American Heart Association

I accepted the challenge to crochet 50-150 little red hats for the babies that are dealing with heart conditions. Another awesome charitable event involving myself and my lil brother Terrence...haha I know little right and I’m the shortest in my family. I selected the American Heart Association since both my maternal and paternal grandmothers passed away from Heart Attack and Stroke. I also pour my heart out for the little babies. I love and appreciate my family for their support💕💕❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.  #50by50 #littleredhatsachieved#keepthebabiesheadswarm #imaboutgiving #weonlyhave1ticker